XL Girl With A Baby Face

XL Cutie With A Baby Face

Young Cosmia has a regular job. And it bores her. That babe wanted to be where the act is. This babe has assets and that babe wanted to share ’em. It was only natural that she would come to XL Cuties.

“I acquire lots of attention cuz of my big mounds. Most of it’s positive. Sometimes I get people wanting to do things for me or treat me. I like it when I acquire compliments but I do not care for pick-up lines. Usually it is a easy ‘Hey’ and no thing else. Love, please try even a little bit. Some of ’em cant carry a conversation. I am not much of a formal dater. I love most of all chill dates. Drinking wine, listening to music and connecting on a deeper level.”

Cosmia is a skinny 5’2″ and wears a 36DD underneath garment.

“I try to detect colorful bras. I usually cant detect the cute ones in stores. Usually the selection is only white, dark or beige for the bigger in size sizes. Recently I have been wearing these bralettes instead of bras. The 1st thing I do when I acquire home is take my bra off. I like to let them hang naturally.”

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