Damp & Sexy

Wet & Hot

Monique may have the largest love muffins of all time on XLGirls.com.

“I was always known for my huge billibongs,” Monique told. “Boys would always make comments. They would really seize me and run away. For the almost all part, other gals were jealous of me. I remember one time a group of the meaner girls followed me home and they were trying to tease me by saying ‘What did u do, put Miracle Grow on them?’ But it never worked. I was always proud of them. I truly sleep on my abdomen and use ’em as pillows which I’m sure sounds very a matter of joke but it’s so much more comfortable for me.

“I would say I am very carnal, always, but solely with one person. But when I am with somebody, I am very raunchy. I am gorgeous much a one-guy-girl. That is why I never did hardcore.”

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