Wake-up Gangbang

Wake-up Bang

Big-Boob dancer and webcam hotty Claudia KeAloha wakes up, her sofa partner snoozing next to her. Whilst he’s asleep, that babe plays with her teats and works herself up. Claudia’s told us one of her beloved ways to wake a lad up is to play with his dick and suck him awake.

“I like to acquire my boy very rock hard by giving him head in advance of I let him in my cunt. I am tight and I love big cocks but due to my slight pussy they can be stiff to take. But I don’t need a really huge dick. I adore it not also lengthy and on the thicker side.”

Largo cums in Claudia’s face hole after they shag nice and hard. That suits Claudia just fine. She likes a fellow to cum on her milk sacks or in her throat. Her prefered tit-fuck position is on her knees with her hubby sat in front of her.

Claudia doesn’t use toys often. That babe loves them one time in a whilst but feels that if a goddess uses them also much, it makes it harder to cum when she’s with a lad. That babe does adore a sex-toy buzzing on her muff when she is being banged.

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