Barefoot & Preggo

Barefoot & Preggy

Pretty Valerie was eight months knocked-up when she posed under sunny skies for this pregnant set. “I adore the feeling when my charmer cums inside me and when I went off birth control, one of his little swimmers connected with his hubby!” Valerie said. “I loved being pregnant. My hormones were with out control. So I enjoyed showing myself off in photos.”

The gestation debate rages on as ordinary year after year. It’s nothing fresh. Some boys adore it. Some loathe it. Some are indifferent. In 2008, we did a poll about pregnant adult models. 34% loved them, 9% liked ’em, 39% abhored them and 17% did not care as lengthy as she has larger than run of the mill juggs. The results are probably the same five years later. We receive more letters and emails for preggo and lactating beauties than against photographing ’em. But since the right cuties, adore Bailey Santanna and Shyla Coy, are rock hard to discover, and plenty of angels don’t wanna be photographed pregnant, we don’t film plenty of them. Society tells us that it’s wrong for preggy honey bunnys to pose bare or copulate on-camera and this acquires ingrained in their heads. But this attitude is sluggishly changing for the better, if merely in a hardly any countries.

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