It is Twilight Time

It's Twilight Time

It is been over a year since Twilight Starr visited XLGirls and enjoyed a romp in the rump. What has this babe been up to since then? Living la vida randy and now bringing her Fourty six inch scoops back to the big brandish! Always a enjoyment.

“It was yet some other enjoyment time shooting for The SCORE Group,” says Twilight about this recent visit. She’s back for wet grip spanking and fingering, tit-play and hardcore rogering action. A hot beef injection in both holes is upcoming!

As u can tell in those pics, Twilight turns tons of heads when this babe goes out. That babe knows how to costume and display off her kewl wobblers. “These boobies are avid. I make sure they sit up and receive attention no matter what!”

What kind of dates does Twilight go on? “I go on pity dates ‘cuz I do not have a real hubby,” Twilight replies. Now she’s pulling our chains because it is obvious that babe has to beat off T&A dudes with a baseball bat.

And when it comes to beating off, Twilight does masturbate when a man’s not at hand but that babe adds, “Yes, but it’s over likewise fast and then I am piddled, so not also much. I try to get screwed every chance I get. Once I brought a boy home from a club and fucked him for 2 days str8. We never left the house. What can I say, I love shlong. I like jacking lads off with my large milk sacks.”

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