One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder

The XLGirls team trekked to Canada accompanied by porn ladies man Tony to hook up with the blonde bombshell Trisha Banks for her one and merely hardcore scene. We hate when that happens. It’s a rotten shame coz Trisha could have written her own ticket.

Trisha likes “naughty, intense sex.” Tony gave it to her. On the bright side, this was a very successful copulate rencounter thank’s to the talents and erotic energy of this couple’s only booty call. “I like being with a man who is indeed larger than run of the mill,” Trisha said in a short interview before the camera rolled. “I always watch a man’s package if I am interested in him. Tony’s looks very, very thick.”

Born May Thirty one, Trisha Banks is 5’7″, 165 pounds, 42-30-38 and wears 38F bras. She was a Personal Assistant at the time and a semi-amateur glamour model. Her hobbies are playing with her dogs, alluring garments shopping and exercising.

“When I am home, I’m usually exposed,” says Trisha. “Totally exposed. I am very raunchy so I need a skirt chaser who can handle me in the bedroom and is very comfortable with sex.”

“I have tons of fantasies,” says one of Canada’s almost all nice-looking citizens. “But I have not ever made a porn thing with anyone previous to and looked into a digi camera during the time that I had sex with a stranger. I enjoyed banging him.”

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