The Universal Language of Bigger than typical Love bubbles

The Universal Language of Big Boobs

Shara Lopez is causing a bigger in size than typical stir at the office. This babe walks around wearing the tightest skirts and tightest, open blouses. Her serious rack is distracting the male staff and they cant think straight since she was hired. This is one of Shara’s super-powers: making lads loco in the coco.

Tony takes Shara into a private office to talk to her about the company dress code. Now, Shara doesn’t speak English and Tony doesn’t speak Spanish so there is room for confusion. This chap tells her she should button up but Shara thinks he’s telling her to unbutton and that babe is more than batty to do that and brandish him her milk sacks. This is adore waving a steak at a dog.

Tony forgets his so-called code of office behavior and proceeds to lick and suck Shara’s hawt nipps. She quickly receives bare, this gent copies her, and this babe drops to her knees to drink his weenie and nuts and tit-fuck him. This Latin babe vixen has him by the balls. They get it on, and when Shara gets it on, that babe likes to play with her greater than typical bra-busters, a great thing.

Tony has his hands full as Shara writhes and grinds in rhythm with his thrusting. She is a superstar of super-sex. He has Shara promise not to tell anyone at the office they rogered at work. Soever happens, it was worth each second. Secretaries like her do not cum along every single day of the week.

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