The Spy Who Came

The Spy Who Came

40E-cupper Gia Johnson is spying on somebody, using binoculars to peep out the window. We do not know who or what Gia’s spying on but she’s turned on enough to receive her masturbating with a thick toy to fill her amorous vagina.

Gia told that babe likes to date and have sex with boyz that are five to ten years older than that babe is. This babe loves European-looking men that can satisfy her in couch and out.

“I like a buck who takes care of a woman in every way. Holding doors open. Treating her to dates and vacations. Always making sure that babe is cheerful and content about anything. Very protective but not demanding and dominant. A boy who is the boss but not mean or rough.”

A boy would receive to make the 1st move on her coz she claims to be passive. She can’t live with out a chap who can make her chortle. This babe says that loosens her up on 1st dates.

“If I have a steady boyfriend, I like to have sex every single day. If I do not, I masturbate before I go to sleep.”

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