The Secret Collision

The Secret Meeting

Here is a set of Alix Lakehurst that’s difficult to categorize. It’s moody, mysterious and weird, not quite like a film noir. The brightening is very different from her earlier, evenly-lit sets. The red telephone play, the sleazy motel room and the cigarette smoking adds to the overall salaciousness of encounter this brunette hair honey bunny alone. What Chicago’s almost any admirable is bringing to the meeting is the stuff of indecent fantasies and impure fantasies. If you’re aching to stuff it to her by the last photo, welcome to the undress club. “Once I had sex with a fellow and in a Twenty four 60 minutes period, that charmer came 15 times,” Alix told. That doesn’t surprise us. Alix looks love she can pull everything with out any buck anytime she desires. “I usually never need to wait for everything. I’m very straightforward and let my chap know exactly what I desire. I actually savour getting drilled.”

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