The Games Codi Plays

The Games Codi Plays

Codi Vore loves to play fantasy games and explore strange fetishes, whether the camera’s capturing it or not. Sex games of domination and submission. Vore-racious fetishes and other bizarre perverted things that no one would ever guess by looking at her.

It’s a sunny day and Codi desires to play outside wearing lace and chain underware. The attractive covergirl (March 2018 Voluptuous) pleasures herself in a shady spot. No one wants her creamy, white skin to acquire in nature’s garb to too much sun.

“I like to be an compliant, submissive pet in the bedroom. I will do what this chab says and give him what that lady-killer craves. In return, that buck respects me in our day-to-day life. Outdoors of raunchy activity, I’m a very independent woman.”

Wrote Voluptuous magazine editor Dave, “Codi got into livecam bare modeling at the recommendation of her flat mate, Tegan Trex, who was already a livecam glamour model. Now Codi is a rising star in the world of large fun bags, something that babe not ever expected.”

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