The Mangos & Boots Of A Blonde Brickhouse Brit

The Marangos & Boots Of A Blonde Brickhouse Brit

Wearing a lustrous, red PVC mini-dress and thigh-high red boots, Shannon Blue is a blonde brickhouse Brit busting out of her previously normal life to live her fantasy. This babe brought this outfit from home and she could commence a flash mob if this babe wore it in public.

Shannon was at no time a exotic dancer or a naked glamour model. This babe was never a swinger. This babe did go to a nudist resort. “I tried it once in the Britain,” Shannon told. “It was a fine feeling, very liberating.”

Shannon wanted to change her life and she did it in a larger than typical way, starting with her bra buddies. They’re now supersized and this babe desires to go greater. That babe craves to have the huge whoppers in the Great Britain. This babe is a Mama and a grandmom: “I suppose I am a GILF.”

Shannon’s too now doing the British phone-in TV appearances love Danniella Levy does. Popular in the United Kingdom, there’s no thing love this kind of hot TV in North America.

“I love to start sex. If I need sex, I need to have it then and not await. I like it every single day and I’m assertive about it. I swallow coz spitting makes a mess. I like being licked and giving blow jobs and being massaged. I masturbate often and I adore to wear Latex. My kinkiest experience was slavery sex with my spouse. I have at no time been with another woman, yet.” That may change as Shannon acquires more and more comfortable letting her libido take over on-camera.

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