Smack Test

Taste Test

“I’m not really a cooking sort of a angel. I am more of a ‘lay around and copulate me’ kind of gal. So when I detect a gent who will cook for me, it is a indeed larger than typical turn on. But it is not guaranteed that I will fuck u just ’cause you throw some slop jointly and call it dinner. If what a petticoat chaser cooks me tastes bad, he is out. I enjoy the finer things in life and if a boy gives me bad food I will just assume he’s a bad bonk. Now, I don’t await anything fancy. It could be mac n’ cheese and I’d eat it so long as it tastes wonderful. And if the petticoat chaser feeds it to me, it is over. His rod will be in my mouth so fast that smooth operator won’t know what hit him.”

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