Take It Slow & Elementary With Nila Mason

Take It Slow & Facile With Nila Mason

It’s workout day for Nila Mason, and a very particular workout it’s. Nila has a large Health Lap dancing club ball, but this one has a unparalleled feature. There’s a dick-shaped prong sticking out of it. It was invented by thoughtful fitness scientists mindful of woman pleasure-seekers.

Nila enters the room in a tight, red one-piece. She’s sensuously engulfing on a sugar-plum and this babe does it slow and elementary. Nila (pronounced Nee-la) knows the pleasure her tongue brings. Taking off her one-piece, this babe reveals that this babe has stuck red tassels with fringes on her teats. A Valentine’s Day gift?

Nila bounces her marangos and the tassels fly. In the movie scene, there is slow motion of the boob bouncing. Nila rubs her huge boobs and shaven twat, then lowers herself on the sex toy protruding from the workout ball. This babe bounces, and each bounce amplifies her pleasure. This was a fresh experience for her, and this babe enjoys knowing that her followers will be watching her each move.

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