Beneath garment Time

Bra Time

Lookin’ wonderful, Tahnee Taylor.

No surprise that brickhouse Tahnee raises the wood whenever she’s near a boy. Tahnee (“August ’14 HORNY HOUSEWIFE Of The Month”) is in the models’ dressing room trying on a variety of bikinis and bras in this shoot. Find out the video too.

“Do you truly think my love bubbles have gotten bigger?” asks Tahnee. “I’m still wearing the same-size bras. I just discover a bra that fits and wear it. I usually don’t even check out what size it’s.” Tahnee’s latest bust measurement was 42 inches. So this babe may have grown a bit.

Tahnee’s viewed some of her clips, all of ’em by herself except for an interview clip this babe did for

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