Sweetie Care & The Stud

Sweetie Care & The Stud

Sweetie Care goes for a walk in her neighborhood, and when Sweetie walks, it’s like magic. Her dress is unbuttoned just enough to show off her eye-popping cleavage, and because she’s not wearing a bra, her tits are bouncing as she struts and strolls.

When Sweetie passes her neighbor Jason standing outside, he cat-calls to her, and when she sees who it is, she invites him to come by her place. An afternoon of fucking is just what she wants. And a friendly girl with a plush body, big tits and a healthy interest in hot sex is just what he wants.

“I have a curvy figure so that’s why I get a lot of eyes on me,” Sweetie told us. “I feel pretty good about it.”

Sweetie is a natural on-camera with a pro-stud. “When I give a blow job, I swallow. I love to swallow. It’s the best part. Things I also like are when a guy fingers my ass, and having my boobs played with and sucked. I also like having my neck kissed and bitten. But I enjoy vaginal sex the best of all; trying out different positions is really fun.”

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