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Sexy & Sweet

If you are bad with names like we are, collision a hotty love Suzumi Wilder is the consummate situation. That babe has her name tatted right above her 44DDD mambos, giving boob hounds such as ourselves a large titty cheat sheet. It is almost a shame that Suzumi’s milk shakes are so damn-near ideal, coz that babe has a cute face and a bright smile. Nearly a shame. ‘cuz we’ll by no means tire of looking at those damn-near ideal milk sacks. And Suzumi’s used to this, too. Which is why she doesn’t mind that little bull’s eye right above her mams.

“I get tons of attention coz of my chest,” Suzumi told. “And I adore every bit of it! I always try to emphasize my bouncy bosoms when I go out. I wear low-cut tops and tighter fitting bras to make them pop out more.”

What a cutie. A gamer by day, Suzumi is a nympho who enjoys playing with a man’s joystick at night.

“I have sex as often as possible,” Suzumi told. “If I’ve a husband, we’ll shag about one to three times per day. My favorite position is from behind. It is the best. I like having my gazoo smacked while I’m being banged, and I adore when the boy pulls my hair during the time that banging me doggy style, also.”

She’s hot, she’s pleasing. She’s Suzumi.

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