Sunshine’s Yuletime Log

Sunshine's Yuletime Log

A great prefered, Sunshine flew back to Miami to celebrate Xmas as a Jiggle Belle. The sight of the Xmas tree reminds Sunshine that she indeed needs a lengthy, inflexible pole and a boy going up her chimney in advance of that babe heads home. With or without a fake white beard, this babe needs a Bad Santa. When this chab unveils, the cheap bastard doesn’t have any presents for her except a Yule meat log. No sooner has Sunshine removed her constricted sweater and pulled out her large mangos than Ol’ St. Prick is ready to quench the wench’s thirst for nut-nog.

Another XL Cutie, Monique L’Amour, interviewed Sunshine. They also did a scene jointly for the DVD Knockin’ Nipps. The two actually got on, and got it on, very well.

Monique: When did your milk cans must be that size? I just cant receive over the size of those things.
Sunshine: When I was about 13. I wore a C-cup.

Monique: Wow! At 13? What did the lads think about that?
Sunshine: They liked ’em. A entire lot!

Monique: Sunshine, what do you do now for a living?
Sunshine: I’m a dancer.

Monique: What kind of stripping do u do?
Sunshine: Lapdancing.

Monique: Oh, wow! How long have you been doing that?
Sunshine: About five years, on and off.

Monique: And do the other beauties get jealous of your meatballs?
Sunshine: Some of ’em do, yes.

Monique: Sunshine, what kind of sexy clothing do you love to buy?
Sunshine: I adore to wear glamourous garments that fit constricted around my chest. Tube-tops and tank-tops

Monique: But where do you identify tops that fit?
Sunshine: Well, I just make them fit!

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