Boob Cruise Paradise Pt. 3

Boob Cruise Paradise Pt. 3

What did it mean to sail on the Boob Cruise? It meant staggering to sofa every night at four a.m. and awaking up 2 hours later for another day of action and a fresh island. It meant eating at a busy table of big boobed shipmates where there is at not time a silent pont of time. It meant lap dancing with a scantily-clad girl who laughed when her large mangos fell with out her dress. It meant looking at a pure black sky and noticing the stars adore at not time in advance of. It meant the heady scent of suntan lotion and sweat emanating from suntanned girl-flesh. It meant living in your own separate world, and whatever was happening back home, well, that didn’t matter. The ship was the world.

This ship, the Star Clipper, sailed to Anguilla, Prickly Pear Island, St. Maarten, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and other islands that most people know about only from voyage magazines and television.

This leg of Boob Cruise Paradise kicks off with the morning aerobics class on deck. This each single day workout was open to everybody although majority of the lads were still sleeping off the previous night or on their second cup of coffee. A not many were on the sidelines watching the big fetching flaunt as the gals in their skimpy Fitness Centre clothing moved in unison. Morning and early afternoon photo shoots were the dictate of the day, the one and the other on the deck and on Virgin Gorda. The evening was for dinner followed by undress reveals performed by the high-reaching exotic dancers and then climaxing with partying all over the ship until early morning. The booze and the wobblers flowed freely.

Wrote Chuck, returning passenger and the ship’s log corporalist that year, “To be appropriately blunt, and from talking to the boyz, I guess I speak for everybody who went on Boob Cruise ’98, the solely bad thing about this whole week is leaving! I swear, if someone were to handcuff all of the passengers and cuties to the ship and hand me the key, I would toss it overboard!”

“I tell everybody that Boob Cruise ’98 was the wildest week of my life,” recalled passenger P.R. “And that includes innumerable Mardi Gras, fraternity parties, bachelor parties and other parties. I came for the sweethearts, and they were anything I thought they’d be and more, but I too enjoyed my stay due to the great dudes I met on the Cruise, the SCORE workers and the entire sailing experience!”

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