String Swim dress For A Thick, Slick Hottie

String Bathing dress For A Thick, Slick Chick

Green-eyed Kentuckian Veronica Bow has a string bikini that doesn’t receive any stringier. It has the appearance of it is made without red dental floss. We need to say that Veronica looks smashable in it.

Veronica told that babe would probably wear it at a pool. It’s the kind of bikini that doesn’t get a glance in the south of France but in The United States of America, people go nuts seeing it.

At pool side, Veronica oils up her fleshy body until she’s totally coated and trickling (bouncing in slow motion likewise). After showering and drying off, Veronica meets us in the living room to finger her love tunnel.

“I usually acquire tons of attention but I am used to it and I have learned to roll with it,” said Veronica who has a DD/LG fetish. We had to look that one up. DD/LG stands for Dad Master, Little Girl.

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