“Spy On Me”

'Spy On Me'

Spying and peeping on hotty’s is serious business and chances are valuable you’re gonna acquire caught. They have a 6th sense about being eye-banged. Tiggle Bitties catches u peeping out side her window but she’s not gonna call the local constables. She decides instead to treat you to a boobtastic brandish u didn’t expect to see.

SCORELAND: So Tiggle, have u ever dated a shorter boy whose face was level with your melons?

Tiggle: Not quite that short but I have dated a couple of beauties that were boob level. One ladies man was close but nearly.

SCORELAND: What’s it love for u going through airports? We can imagine it.

Tiggle: Majority of the time it’s marvelous thrilling. The TSA is always fun cuz they have quite a bit of underwire to cover! Plus, I acquire so much attention in the airport.

SCORELAND: Do you drive? Do seat belts fit you comfortably?

Tiggle: I do drive but less and less. Cars are uncomfortable. I typically tuck the shoulder thong of the seat thong beneath my billibongs ‘coz it squishes my poor love bubbles.

SCORELAND: Do u dance when you are playing music at home?

Tiggle: Any one of your camera security people could answer that, with how much lap dancing I do in the makeup room. “Watch out for flying booooobs!”

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