Spectacular Ain’t The Word

Spectacular Ain't The Word

Spectacular ain’t the word for Melonie Max. Here’s a big busted, lusty cutie who owns the room when this babe walks into it and that babe appreciates her comely body. Favourable for you that this babe does or that babe wouldn’t be here! “I wear plenty of constricted tops,” says Melonie. “I don’t wear anything baggy ‘cuz it doesn’t look wonderful. And people are plan to stare regardless. And I am used to it now. I don’t even notice people when they look now. I’m oblivious to it now. I like wearing form-fitting jeans, likewise. I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of lady. I’ll wear a beautiful blouse, a valuable couple of jeans and some click-clicks. You know, the little shoes with the high heels that go click, click on the pavement when you walk. It’s rock hard for me to detect bathing suits ‘coz my ribcage is so tiny and my whoppers are so greater than standard, it is rock hard for me to acquire something to fit both of them at once.” This sweetheart always has us wheezing for oxygen. She’s definitely wife material.

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