Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Dark brown

Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Brunette

Sofia Santana has curves to spare and large, heavy whoppers more common in a guy’s fantasies than in real life. When we saw this stunner’s test pics sent in by an agent, our photo team was ready for act. Sofia speaks Spanish and so does our team. Our editors added English captions to her movie scene.

“When I go out, I wear low-cut, hot tops to reveal my deep cleavage,” Sofia told. “My bras are fitted for me or I’ll wear peculiar bras that are downy and provide gentle compression.

“I hope everyone can’t live with out seeing me wear my bathing dress. I’m interested in reading what the boys have to say. I’ve always gotten plenty of attention but it doesn’t a predicament me so much anymore coz I have gotten used to the looks and questions from people and I’m pleasured of my body.”

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