The Name Of The Rose

The Name Of The Rose

Photogenic to the supreme, Sofia Rose is a woman who likes the digital camera. She’s blessed with giant bazookas and a very beautiful face. Her popularity at was confident the 1st day her first appearance pictorial was published.

“I am a very sexual person,” Sofia says. “If I’m not having sex for some reason, I will masturbate. I will usually turn on an adult episode and use my vibrator or “Adam,” my 8-inch rubber sex tool, sometimes one as well as the other at the same time. I likewise have fun long, hot showers at which point I will play with myself.”

It’s hard to imagine Sofia not besieged by eager boyz hawt to acquire into her knickers so “Adam” probably spends almost all of his time inside her nightstand drawer, lonely and unused.

Which brings us to the funniest pick-up line Sofia said she’s heard so far. This chab told, “You should let me take u out sometime. I’ll make u famous.” To which I said, ‘If I dating u, I will make u illustrious!’ And then I walked away and chuckled.”

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