A League Of Her Own

A League Of Her Own

A relatively fresh player has been scoring home runs with SCORE and Voluptuous boys since that babe arrived at the SCORE stadium. Yep, there’s an angel in the outfield. The name is Siri. Golden-haired, glamourous, bosomy and booty-ful. And this babe likewise has a neatly trimmed infield that has to please those chaps who like a little turf by home plate. Siri has it all and that babe gives her all. U should watch her do a 7th inning stretch. Well, in fact, you can in photo 43.

A baseball team composed of all chicks love Siri is only a fantasy, a dream that SCORE artist Otis Sweat could do a great job with on paper. We don’t know if Siri does in fact play or look at baseball but we know that she acquires her kicks practicing karate to stay in shape.

Basenji feels that Siri should be the subject of a DVD. “Siri’s angel never fails to receive me up. I fail to understand why SCORE has not given Siri her own DVD. It would be a best seller.”

Says eric83: “Siri, you’re the almost all worthwhile and the almost any captivating angel of SCORELAND. Thank you for all you do for us and I hope to watch you in more and more flaunts. Warm kiss from France.”

Siri’s in a league of her own.

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