Sierra Skye is Stood Up

Sierra Skye is Stood Up

Sierra Skye is a Florida milk cans ‘n’ ass winner who moved to California. “I do like being a penis tease so I adore to wear short skirts with no briefs and taut tops just to make lads drool. It’s joy watching boys stare and have ’em know they can not have you.”

Sierra doesn’t get away with any meat-thermometer teasing here. Instead, you’ll see her in rod enchanting mode. If she dresses normally adore this babe dresses here, it’s no surprise that she leaves a trail of boob-dogs with dangling tongues.

“I was a cheerleader in college and I don’t care what anyone says…cheerleading is definitely a sport!” Sierra doesn’t wear her cheerleader costume here but she does costume very sexily, flaunting her great body in a low-cut titty top and short skirt.

“I’m an exhibitionist. I’m into tons of things but nothing likewise eager. I adore coarse sex but no thing love S&M or everything avid like that. I am just a typical, excited cutie who loves to spend all day on the beach.”

When Sierra discovers that her date has abandoned her, that babe takes on his roommate. Tony disrobes her down, the more astounding to inspect her sexy tan lines. In record time, he is banging her 44-inch hangers and her lovely slit and the partner is forgotten.

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