Utmost Hardcore

Best Hardcore

Bailey Santanna, Renee Ross and Sienna Hills: 3 buxom blondes, 3 of our paramount hardcore performers ever. They’re each particular for their own reasons. Bailey initially debuted in 2002 and went on to film memorable hardcore episodes love K-Jugs, and even banged for us when she had a glowing baby bump in Preggos & Milkers. Sienna Hills was an adult bookstore owner turned sex star, and was as freaky as any angel we have ever filmed. Not much needs to be said when you utter the name Renee Ross. The star of two of our most-popular releases, Sex in the Hooters, Mambos, Meatballs Tits and K-Jugs, Renee is arguably our high-reaching glamour model and hardcore performer ever.

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