The Shyla Coy Jackumentary

The Shyla Coyness Jackumentary

Shyla Timid came our way at the very end of 2008. A Florida beauty, Shyla 1st endevoured to get into mainstream modeling, adore bra catalog work, but that babe was greeted with a chilly reception.

“I’d go on calls, and they’d tell me I wasn’t tall sufficient, or my mambos are likewise bigger in size than average, or I don’t weigh the right amount,” Shyla told. “I was supposed to do some other movie for a record modeling company. I said ’em I was 170 pounds, and this chab said, ‘Send me a picture.’ So I did, and that man told no. That Lothario said I wasn’t diminutive enough.”

Their loss was the T&A man’s gain when Shyla tried adult modeling. This babe saw no shame in this game. “I had no problem with getting nude in front of the digi camera,” Shyla told one of TSG’s editors on her 1st day here.

“My love bubbles started growing when I was about 12. I always had the giant love muffins of any angel in my class. I thought they were going to keep growing forever, and then they prevented when I was 16.” But Shyla’s jizzable jugs did not prevent growing as u regulars know. If you do not know, you’ll watch in this Jackumentary.

This specific XLGirls “Jackumentary” is dedicated to Shyla. She has now retired after a very concupiscent four year run, longer than the ordinary glamour model who bares all. We will look back and marvel at Shyla’s past four years, from her beginning through her Mamazon, pre-pregnant and pregnant scenes and climaxing with her recent post-preggo time.

Quiet and unassuming, the word “shy” in Shyla’s name was not a mistake. But her actions spoke way louder than her words. It’s hard to believe that Shyla won’t be bouncing and jiggling at the XLGirls’ studio anymore. But the pix and clips will always be here to savour over and over another time.

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