Sha Zam!

Sha Zam!

“Fans like my scones,” says Sha Rizel in what could be the understatement of the decade.

Commented Gabriele, “I love Sha Rizel. This babe is totally breath taking, gorgeous, with deep eyes, a great body and a flawless mixture of sweetness, sensuality and, sometimes, innocence. I hope this babe would not ever do hardcore.”

In this scene the videographer brings his lens within a scarcely any inches of Sha’s snatch from the front and from behind her, getting some very hot close-ups. In fact, the close-ups dominate this video as it did in her previous movie, “Deep Red.” One of the essential positions in large boob photography is shooting between a girl’s legs from behind so we can watch her snatch and her mambos in the same frame and that Lothario acquires this scenic visual as Sha undulates in front of his digi camera.

Later into the clip, Sha juggles her supernaturally large boobs in front of an angled mirror, then sits in a nearby chair. The cameraman moves in close, anew within inches of her cunt and her boobies, alternating betwixt close-ups of Sha tongueing her teats and close-ups of her fingers caressing her lady-lips. In contrast, the photographer of the glamour photoshoot that matches this movie films Sha mostly in full-body or medium shots as that babe was filmed in her earliest shoots and her Dominican Republic series.

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