Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Mya Blair has a ally and his ally over to look at the bigger in size than average game on TV. She thoughtfully throws a good little party for ’em, also. They can’t keep their eyeballs glued to the game. Mya’s large, jiggly meatballs and bountiful butt is distracting ’em from the chaps in tights. They’d rather throw a pass at Mya, a angel who’s game for everything joy. The studs double-team the blonde bombshell on the sofa and ignore the big game to score a touchdown on Mya, taking turns filling her taut twat and ass. This babe screams louder than the crowds at the stadium! It’s one rock-em, sock-em tailgate party!

XLGirls: Mya, now that you’ve done numerous boy-girl scenes, was it what you imagined it would be love?

Mya: For the almost any part it was, but the prevent and go and having to figure out how to move forward was something I didn’t expect.

XLGirls: You sometimes acquire in nature’s garb in public. Have you ever had sex in a public place? Do u love sex in cars?

Mya: Almost all of the 1st 3 years after I lost my virginity was spent having sex in cars or finding public places for a quickie. I savour the rush of doing something like that where there’s added excitement from the risk.

XLGirls: What word or sentence would u most adore to put on your Tee-shirt?

Mya: Friday is my second much loved F word.

XLGirls: Do you like having sex with beauties? If yeah, any physical preferences? Should they have big wobblers too or it doesn’t matter?

Mya: I haven’t had many opportunities to have sex with cuties but what I’ve had, I adore. I most like curves definitely but usually not colossal mangos like mine.

XLGirls: So far, how would u sum up your XL Gal experiences?

Mya: Amazing. They were joy, relaxed, and the males were hot. I have loved it all.

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