Sarah’s Twins

Sarah's Twins

It is a mirror dream for fun loving, girl-next-door Sarah Rae. This is what we mean by twin peaks. Sarah tries some other dream likewise. When this babe was here, we dashed into the studio for a quickie chat with this fun babe.

XLGirls: Do you love to role-play or cosplay?

Sarah Rae: I actually enjoy role playing. I like breast-expansion, office assistant, schoolgirl and boutique saleswoman.

XLGirls: So what kind of questions do your fans ask you and how do u respond to those questions? Do they tend to ask nice-looking much the same questions?

Sarah Rae: I do receive asked lots of the same questions. Love how bigger in size than typical are they, are they real, does my back hurt, do I adore engulfing my teats, etc. I’m a 34JJ and, I say yes to everything except my back hurting. I do not know why everybody thinks it is such a struggle for me to have colossal whoppers. I adore ’em and cant say one bad thing about ’em! I try very rock hard to respond to everyone. My fans mean a lot to me.

I wanna take the time out and thank everybody for liking me and my fotos. It actually means a lot to me that u boyz take the time to jerk off to me, leave me comments and rate my sets. I really do appreciate it. Getting undressed at the SCORE studio is one of the superlatively fine decisions I’ve ever made in my life and flashing u boys my funbags has changed my life for the better. This has been such a positive experience for me!

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