Reflections of Sarah

Reflections of Sarah

Not one, not 2, not 3 but four Sarah Raes are here today to light your pants on fire. Well, one Sarah and 3 reflections of this astounding discovery in our room of mirrors. It’s hooter heaven when Sarah milk cans up her 38J miracles for your breast pleasure. This is her 4th appearance at XLGirls.

Sarah removes her brassiere and panties and oils down, her body an greasy oil slick of joy. The mirrors expose her body in angles that only multiple cameras could enslave.

A girl-next-door love majority XL Girls (“I masturbate all the time. Usually 3 times a day. I adore my orgasms!”), web-cammer Sarah likes fellows with a sense of humor. “If u can not giggle with me, then what’s the point?” Sarah says with a smile.

Sarah’s “Finger In The Pie” photo shoot was published in the November ’12 edition of XLGirls mag, and one of her scenes “Rae Day! Rae Day!” is in the compilation DVD Ready For Stuffing available from

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