Lingerie Longing

Lingerie Lust

“I am proud of my wobblers,” says Sarah Rae, XLGirl extraordinaire. “I feel blessed that God has bestowed upon me such a magnificent rack.”

Now Sarah is back to titillate and titterize your mind until the fotos of her bigger-than large mounds, either dressed in some tight top or hanging exposed are burned into your neural circuitry.

What is that object in her hand? “It’s a magic bullet,” Sarah tells us. “It vibrates. It kinda has the appearance of a little mouse. I’ve at no time used one of these previous to. I am going to crank it up to full power. Because I am impatient.”

Sarah rubs the shiny silver egg over her breast. “I can make it disappear like a magician. Tittie magician. ” Sarah slides it into her deep cleavage where it disappears from observe except for the attached wire.

Where else is this babe intend to make it vanish? Inspect for yourself!

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