Holy Fascinating heart!

Holy Honey!

She’s Sarah Rae and her vast expanse of squishy breast-flesh is a great place to lose yourself in. What makes Sarah feel hot and warm…besides visiting XL Gals and having pleasure so all of us can have fun watching her savour?

“Caring for myself,” says Sarah. “Being able to handle my responsibilities. Giving myself a worthy quality of life. Being powerful no matter what life throws at me. When I wanna feel sexy, I put on tight shirts and shake my melons! The solely thing that is a pang for me is going through airports but I guess everyone feels that way. Just my reason is different!”

“I always check out all of my scenes at XL Cuties. I’ll observe ’em alone or with my current husband. My boyfriends have loved ’em but I thought it was kind of unconventional at 1st. Over time, I’ve gotten more used to it and I feel that I have improved as a adult model. My own prefered glamour model is Micky Bells. Her bosoms are inspirational!”

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