Hangin’ With Sara

Hangin' With Sara

As a specific bonus, Sara hangs out to answer a diminutive in number questions in-between hawt, slow licks on her huge sugar-plum that that babe too rubs on her nipples… cuz she is got a teasing side that loves to come out. The camera lens would have fogged up as Sara tongues the lolly but it was sprayed with anti-fog.

“In the morning, I like masturbation,” says Sara when that babe is asked about what that babe loves to do when she receives up. And you might have thought, “coffee and the TV news?” No, Sara likes a valuable cum first.

Sara’s erection-producing sugar-plum touching with tongue and teat fondelling proceeds as this babe describes the kind of lad she likes, a regular ladies man with a big jock which she endearingly pronounces as “coke.”

Later on, some of the questions in English need to be translated into Czech. It is a enjoyment to listen to Sara in her native tongue, a tongue which continues to suggestively and slowly lick her larger than standard lolly. “I think the boys will adore you,” says the interviewer in what could be the understatement of the year.

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