Santanna: A Vigour For Worthy

Santanna: A Force For Good

Santanna means “saint-like.” Strictly interpreted, this definition may not exactly apply to Bailey Santanna. But from a different point-of-view, our point-of-view, it does. Doesn’t Bailey cure men’s fluid overloads with her plush body and adept skills? Isn’t healing and smoothing a saint-like vigour? The devil’s advocate rests his case. Bailey enjoys intend to Burning Charmer, San Francisco gender-bending street parties and…high-school reunions? “I like going back to my high-school reunion. It is like, ‘I showed you dudes!’ It was unusual because I wasn’t very popular in high school, but I’ve run into plenty of people after high-school, and then they all crave to go out with me. Not during high school. I guess I was also much to handle in high school. I had the titanic boobies by far in the complete school my senior year, and I’m short. Five-foot-four. Even teachers had a unbending time talking to me sometimes!” That’s our Bailey.

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