The In nature’s garb Facts

The Exposed Facts

Colorado is known for its mountains so it’s the consummate place for the curvaceaous cleavage, hills and valleys of Sabina Leigh, originally from St. Louis, a place not known for its mountains. Sabina busts without a constricted pink suit here, a costume that hugs every curve of her agreeable body. It doesn’t stay on long and that’s perfectly worthwhile. She only put it on to take it off.

Sabina first came, literally, to TSG in the fall of 2006. When a recent adult model arrives, there’s no way of knowing how long she will stay at it. We’re pleased to say that Sabina is still going boob-strong and keeps a meaty presence in the big-tit world. This babe is looking as sexy and as lewd as ever. She’s a wild one.

Sabina also writes erotic stories and calls herself a feminist pornographer, championing the raunchy rights of studs and chicks. This babe has a Bachelor of Science in women’s studies and sociology from Iowa State University. Sabina is still the merely adult model we know who designed her own sextoy, a glass sex-toy. This babe began her adventures in porn at Twenty four, after watching tons of porn while working in an over 18’s store for several years, and it is been a thrill ride for her, and us, ever since.

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