Swim dress Ecstasy

Bikini Ecstasy

It is skimpy bathing costume time and our bathing suit angel today is Roxanne Miller. After Roxanne sheds her final swimsuit, the pool area becomes in nature’s garb town in the water and out.

Seeing Roxanne put on and take off various styles of diminutive swimsuits brought to mind TSG editor Dave Rosenbaum’s comments about another XLGirls fave Dors Feline. Almost any of us rarely watch beauties brawny adore Roxanne wearing microscopic bikinis at the beach or in public pools.

“I mentioned once that in the old days, men’s magazines generally didn’t put beauties like Dors Feline in bikinis cuz they were too bigger than typical and would not wear one to the beach. I likewise mentioned that whenever we did put a hotty adore Dors in a swim dress or monokini, the readers and web site members always showed their appreciation for the model and extended their gratitude towards us.”

How does a man attract Roxanne’s attention?

“Well, some just by being captivating. But when it is solely handsome, I look, I drool and I go on. I’m amiable with anyone, but mainly I am attracted by studs with whom I can have a nice conversation and that have a sense of humor.”

It’s Miller time. Stay thirsty, friends.

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