The Hot Personal Assistant

The Hot Secretary

How is Rockell, born and raised in Alabama, a true, down-home southern goddess?

“I spent many nights riding down dirt roads in the centre of nowhere,” explains Rockell, her always bright-eyed, happy expression making everybody feel worthy. “We used to swallow. That’s what u do in little southern towns, because there isn’t much else to do. You have bonfires and everybody receives jointly. Everyone knows everyone’s business. In the South, there’s a thing about southern generosity, and it is true. I’ve gone to other places where they weren’t so hospitable, so I definitely like the South. Even here in south Florida!”

Rockell’s allies were as horny as that babe was when her first cover issue (February ’13 Voluptuous) hit stores. This babe sent her allies into the store to see it.

“I indeed sent my friends in that day to watch if they could find me. And they identified me and came out screaming, ‘We identified your cover! That’s so nifty!’ I was trying to be very calm and humble, and they were like, ‘We get to go out and celebrate. You’re on the cover of a mag.’ I was amorous but I am just a very nonchalant, chill and humble person.”

Rockell is a fellow, no doubt about it. A southern buck. This babe could pizzazz the little birdies out of the trees. Now imagine Rockell as a receptionist. Your efficient, stacked office worker. You’d never acquire a lick of work done. You’d be lost in a trance for seven hours plus an hour for lunch as that babe went about her responsibilities. What are these office responsibilities? Roll the video and see! And after you see it, roll your tongue back into your throat!

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