Back & More amazing Than Ever

Back & More wondrous Than Ever

It is always larger than run of the mill news when a TSG model returns to the fold. Diane Poppos. Valory Irene. Angela White. Natalie Fiore.

And now, one of XL Girls’ and V-mag’s most popular dreamgirls and a two-time Porn star of the year winner returns, Renee Ross! It seems adore we dreamt the entire thing but it is real. Renee is back. This babe looks captivating.

In this photo-shoot and matching movie scene, we give Renee the Miami experience: sun, a tropical setting and a swimming pool. And we wanted to watch her lush body in a swimsuit and her gigantic bazookas oozing with water.

“I’m actually kind of nervous,” Renee said in an exclusive movie interview showing at XL Cuties along with her bathing dress video. “I don’t know why. I’m not sure. Maybe because it’s been so lengthy. I am wanton to be back, though. I’ve missed everybody. I especially missed the fans. I always try to read the comments. They’re so sweet and make me feel so precious.”

Welcome back the great Renee Ross!

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