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U may be lovin’ to like Rene Love by the time that babe gives her teat a final take up with the tongue and shakes her mangos at the digi camera in her 1st SCORELAND movie. Rene turns on the torture for the first 3 minutes until she leans forward at 3:30 and her 36J bazookas plop out of her dress. From then on, it is hooter happiness as that babe puts her biggest bosoms in motion and fingers herself.

“I like being sultry and love knowing I’ve your attention,” Rene says in a ravishing voice that makes you think that babe sings. (Watch her introductory video on the SCORELAND Blog.) Rene completely does have our attention.

Rene used to work as a hotel clerk. She said she enjoyed it and it was one of her beloved jobs. Can you even picture checking into a hotel and having Rene handle your arrival, her big top hanging mere inches away? It’s enough to cause brain melt-down.

Anybody this babe knew told Rene about SCORE but it took some time for her to connect. Better late than never. But it’s all worked out for the breast. “I’m used to being looked at wherever I go. I love to know people adore what they watch. I hope I can come back. I was so nervous when I 1st got here but I felt very welcomed right away.”

We’re happy that Rene chose to pose and show her super powers to the world. She always wears a brassiere. “If I did not, I’d probably trip on my mammaries,” jokes Rene. Her 1st Voluptuous magazine appearance will be in the December ’13 issue.

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