Ready To Pop

Ready To Pop

Roxanne Miller checks herself out in the models’ dressing room mirror and looks happy at what this babe sees. This babe spends some me-time with her engorged mounds and shaggy slit while our camera captures the joy.

XLGirls: So, Roxanne, do u sleep wearing a bra?

Roxanne: No. In the house I’m braless.

XLGirls: What is the utmost thing about having greater meatballs?

Roxanne: The ultimate thing is having the bigger in size love bubbles! When you’ve greater mambos you really become more unparalleled ‘coz you leave behind those with larger than average milk sacks since you have king-size, much bigger in size scones than ’em!

XLGirls: And you do have king-size wobblers now from being pregnant. What is so much joy about your bazookas?

Roxanne: They are full and beautiful firm for how enormous they are. They are joy bags not just a couple of long socks dangling from my chest area. Do I sound mean? But, hey! I like my hooters!

XLGirls: Any comments for the lads?

Roxanne: In life, always go for greater than run of the mill boobs! Be healthy, jack off a lot and stay away from troubles and bad energy. Try to be pleased!

XLGirls: Sound advice.

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