Dreamy Swim dress

 Dreamy Bikini

Just eighteen and overflowing with ripe goodness, Rachel Raxxx brought the house down when that babe first appeared at SCORELAND, and now it is swim costume time, sexy on the heels of Alexya’s bodacious bikini show. Why that pool water did not turn to steam is a mystery to us.

“The final time I was measured was about a year ago, so I am not sure if they’re bigger in size,” told Miss Raxxx, busting the tape at 30JJ. “I was wearing a double-J brassiere, and they still fit. When I walk into a room, I can kinda feel guys staring at me plenty of times. Sometimes it feels like they’re undressing me with their eyes, but I receive used to it.” We’re in with that crowd likewise and we feel no shame in our game. When you’re addicted to big-boobed beauties, there is no cure.

Rachel goes for a dip in the cool pool and proves anew that natural titties do float. She jumps, bounces and jiggles, so much so that we had to view this episode approximately ten times to make sure we weren’t hallucinating. Rachel Raxxx is real, unbelievably real!

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