Pumping The Plumper

Pumping The Plumper

“Pumping The Plumper” widens with Angellyne Hart decked out in Valentine’s Day underware. But that babe is alone. What’s the story? On this evening, Angellyne is in the mood but that babe doesn’t wish a masturdate. This babe urges a real meat-cock with a boy attached to it, not a cold plastic massager.

She calls a woman chaser this babe knows online from a chat room and it’s not to give him phone sex! No, Angellyne wishes this butt call over and fast for some old-fashioned action for her whoppers and love tunnel aperture. “Hi, do u remember me?” that babe asks her friend. “We exchanged some emails latterly. I just wanted to tell you that I’m home by myself. I’m here all alone, and, yep, how about coming over?”

Sounds love spam. The solely thing missing is Angellyne asking him to give her his banking info. But this is the real deal. Angellyne doesn’t like to waste time. She’s direct. To the point. That babe is a beauty who knows what she urges and she is not timid about going for it right away.

Once at her place, he’s all over Angellyne’s big, fat milk sacks like a baby hungry for his mother’s jugs. In fact, large is not the word for Angellyne’s mangos. They are fucking king-size, packed and enormous. One time they’ve enjoyed some immodest tit loving, this chab starts fucking her mouth and this babe sucks him like a vacuum cleaner. Angellyne wasn’t leading him on. She is game-on for anything, faster and faster, and this babe is sexy to be studded by her ramrodding sex date.

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