Packin’ The Melons

Packin' The Melons

Annemari in big titty city Prague seemingly re-appeared out of nowhere to put the F.U. in fun. A married woman, Annemari discovered that sex with a total stranger she will never see again gets her juices boiling, and being photographed on top of that doubles her excitement levels. She doesn’t care if anyone recognizes her.

“My favorite way to be satisfied is oral,” says Annemari. “I like a man with a fast, strong tongue. I also like being fingered.” Our professional covers all of the bases, giving Annemari a big bang to remember him by before she jerks him off in her face. “I like to make a man cum with my breasts. To see his sperm come out of the head of his cock is one of the most-exciting things to see. This I love.” As for making guys blow their loads with her tits, Annemari has the ammunition to do it.

Another confession from Annemari is that she has no sexual fantasies. This is surprising but not unbelievable. We’re not ones to doubt a lady when she says something so we’ll take her word for it. Annemari’s interested in threesomes, doesn’t like anything in her ass and has enjoyed some down time with other women without a cock in the mix.

“I take life one day at a time,” said Annemari.

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