Bare On The Dock

Nude On The Dock

There’s a special place in the heart of every dedicated SCORE and V-man for Lorna Morgan, the “Welsh Wonderwoman.”

Lorna discussed her first time as a exposed model. These shoots took set in London.

“I think a photographer helps a great deal when you are modeling, especially if you’re very young and nervous. I think I just dived str8 in. Did whatsoever I could, and the more chatty and more enjoyment you make it, it is much more priceless that way.

“It went well, It was valuable. I got my head around it. I said, ‘I know what I am gonna do, and I’m going to do it. It’ll be good.’ And it was. I’m definitely love that. I receive all kooky nervous the day before, and on the day, I am worthy.”

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