Nila Mason: The Gift To Plumper Lovers

Nila Mason: The Gift To Plumper Lovers

“I am gratified of my body,” said Nila Mason. It is shower time for this delectable morsel who enjoys displaying her lush, plush, succulent body and titanic scoops and loves to screw lusty and long on-camera.

“I had been said many times that I should be a adult model. I would hear compliments about my eyes even when they are staring at my chest. I know they cannot aid themselves. I know I look great.”

Nila is not into gals, which is why she’s not at all done a girl-on-girl scene at XL Gals. It would not look real.

“I adore oral-service and fingering. I don’t have a lot of public sex. I had sex in a cinema and it was very admirable. It was dark-skinned and not crowded so I do not think anyone knew. I endevoured to keep quiet.

“I’ll tell u what my fetish is. I like smells. I adore the smell of a hawt woman chaser when he’s fresh, showered and hairless.”

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