Wild & Wilder

Wild & Wilder

Nikki Wilder is back and warming-up for her 1st boy-girl XXX scene. As XL Buck Kennygnaz put it, “Beautiful young lady. Will keep some lucky ladies man very cheerful.”

Nikki is busty and satisfied of it. This babe is gratified of her body. She was hit by the wand of the boob fairy. “I was wearing a C-cup previous to my allies even had A-cups,” said Nikky.

“I like being noticed and seeing boyz and cuties stare. When I go out on a date, I love to wear low-cut tops that reveal off my bra buddies. Carnival or boardwalk dates are the best. I love the cotton candy, the games, the rides and the pleasure. It’s always full of people and I indeed savour it when I am being looked at by the people passing by me. I have my date to keep me worthwhile and safe and I’ll award him later.”

Like 85% of the adult models we meet, Nikky wishes to try skydiving. “Jumping with out a perfectly valuable airplane sounds like pleasure.” Some have written asking what it is with glamour models wanting to go skydiving. It must have something to do with an adrenaline rush, the same reason why girls want to try modeling. The excitement and the rush of showing off their bods plus knowing that lads are whacking it to their clips and pics. The next time u watch Nikky, she’ll be doing the humpty-pump-pump in her first guy-girl. Stay abreast at XLGirls.com ’cause she’ll be cuming.

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