Knocking One Out of The Park

Knocking One Without The Park

Nikky Wilder plays softball and loves watching LA Dodgers baseball so it seems fitting to acquire Nikky in a batting cage to swing a bat around for a not many pitches previous to she receives down to playing with her greater than typical hooters and damp candy-box.

When boys see Nikky, they think of scoring. They think of hitting a home run with her. Even getting to 1st base with Nikky is something specific. A cuddly blonde who can’t live out of to play hard ball, Nikky is ready to catch the right pitch. Just make sure u don’t strike out or you’ll miss out on a grand slam. A nice evening with Nikky would be safe at home.

As far as dates go, she says a day at a carnival or at the boardwalk are the most worthy with cotton candy, games and fun. And when the date ends at her place, that is when the joy truly starts. You have already watched how Nikky makes a lad into a almost any admirable player!

Nikki’s print launch is in XL Girls mag #262. Visit for availability.

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