Sports By Nikki

Sports By Nikki

Nikki Smith combined sex with some mild servitude in one of her scenes. We roped her into a hardly any questions after we learned that Nikki has a kink for it at home likewise. This lends a fresh dimension to Nikki’s tennis shop glamour photoshoot.

What interests you about servitude overall?

“The thrill, primarily. Servitude of any type requires trust and by letting go of control and giving my trust to anybody else, I’m allowing that person to control my fun.”

What kind of thraldom activities do you especially relish?

“I am still a newbie but I particularly savour being restrained and sometimes even blindfolded. I do adore getting my wazoo slapped with a nice paddle or even a nice, bigger in size than run of the mill, meaty hand and although I haven’t ventured likewise far into other methods, I have detected that I seem to quite savour floggers, likewise!”

Do you go to accomplished dungeons or is it an at-home thing?

“Definitely just an at-home thing at this point.”

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