The Sex Training of Nikki Cars

The Sex Training of Nikki Cars

Nikki Cars leans on her side next to her shag instructor. Her immense jugs rest on his haunch to form a “boob shelf” as that babe encircles the shaft in her hand and brings the crown into her mouth. This is what tit-men live for. Nikki stares into the digital camera lens as this babe goes up and down on his inflated prick, her throat forming a circle to drink as much as this babe can. Her lips tremble.

Nikki savors every millimeter of man-meat. She can solely receive less than half of the pecker into her face hole. His hands control her head, guiding it down onto his cock. Nikki needs the domination of a beefy ladies man to educate her how to best please a tit chap. She takes a break from meat-thermometer mouthing to rub it betwixt her massive pantoons. Then this babe guides it betwixt her fleshy fun-bags whilst sticking the cock-head in her face hole or licking it on the upstroke. This is what tit-men live for.

“I adore to have sex outside,” told Nikki. Her boyfriend wanted her to pose nude and it fit in with their sex life. “We used to go to the woods to have sex all the time. I’ve no idea how many times I was almost caught. But that was always one of my beloved places to do it. We traipsed with out the woods one day, and my boyfriend had taken his fishing pole with him ‘for cover.’ And I had a bag of lingerie coz we’d been taking pics and then we ended up having sex. And I come walking with out the woods and I look across and there is two boyz with binoculars.

“I acquire a little closer because I was taking my bag back then coming back to be with my spouse. And they were the park rangers. So I don’t know if they saw or not, but we did not receive in bother. I kind of hoped that they did observe but I didn’t wanna click here trouble. When you are out in the woods, u never know who could be watching. Maybe that’s why I like it!”

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